Crispy Almond Butter Cookies

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Now for some protein cookies!

Enjoy these cookies as a healthy snack, protein add-in to a meal, or dessert!

Crispy Almond Butter Cookies

  • Servings: 2 big cookies
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • 1/2 c almond butter
  • 1/4 c almond flour
  • 3 T coconut flour
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ground flax
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 2 T raw honey or pure maple syrup
  • 1/2 c unsweetened apple sauce
Optional Toppings:
  • Butterscotch baking chips


  1. Preheat the oven to 350F. Spray 2 small tart tins with coconut oil spray & set aside.
  2. Add all dry ingredients to a Vitamix or high speed blender & blend until combined.
  3. Distribute batter among tins & smooth.
  4. Sprinkle on desired toppings such as butterscotch baking chips.
  5. Bake for 23-25 minutes or until edges are slightly golden brown.
  6. Allow to cool before removing from tins. Enjoy!


See ya later!



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